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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunny Arizona...

No rain here..
I got in at 10. Benjamin and Missy picked me up then we went back to their church for an Easter hunt.
We got home. Missy made a nice Easter Dinner and I hid eggs for her and Benjamin...Benjamin got the most, big egg, and little egg and walked away with a bunch of candy and 20 bucks...After that i have napped the rest of the day..
Last night, Amanda had her BIG performance. She was Mermaid #1. She is in top row first one on the left...She was a pro...A little girl next to her peed her pants while they were sitting on the floor. It got on Amanda's dress. She finished the play holding her dress with her left hand like it was a little long for her to walk...Never letting on what the little girl had done....I praised Amanda for that and she said, 'The show must go on."

Amanda Mermaid #1..
 Then we took pictures in the school parking lot...Me, Mac, and Amanda..
 The kids acting silly..
 The Smith Family....
Weather for tomorrow....warm and sunny..2 more weeks and I am home...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another rainy day...

I think this is 3 in a row... But I will be in the sunshine soon....OOOOHHHH something new to complain about!

I loved Pat's pictures and I was glad she made it to the home place... No matter where I have lived that has always been home to me...That is one reason I really wanted to move back there...Move home.. You know when I am there I am not Kris's, Missy's, or Bill's Mom...Or any one's Granny I am just Helen Powell again....I kind of like that..

Today I have a sore throat...I hope it goes away...soon....I have a DR's appointment the day after I hit Az (Monday) But for me, if I am getting sick, that is a long way off... I can go from being a little sick to needing urgent care in just 2 days....Honestly, I have gone into a Dr's office sick as a dog and they ask, "How long have you been sick?"  Like they think I have been waiting 2 or 3 weeks to go see them...sometimes I have to say, " Since yesterday!" But I had a sore throat about 2 weeks ago and it just went away....So maybe it will again..

As my last Hurrah...I am making  2 cinnamon rings for the Teachers at the little kids school...I had told Kris I would do it but then she asked me this morning and I told her I was not feeling up to it....Then I thought well what the heck...This is the last time I will be making one here...So I did it... They are rising...

I also have on Jake's laundry...

And I have to pack my bag and get another tote ready to ship home...
I have clothes for Bills kids...Some I had to ship and some I am able to put in my carry on...I have a lot of crap... Thinks like Kris has a small iron skillet I want and I am going to have to carry that on the plane because the shipping box is full...It has just been a lot to figure out for a crazy ole woman. But I almost have 'GOT R DONE!'

2  Things I have not gotten done that I intended to... There is a burn pile in the hole....It is too wet and I will not get it burned...and I want to put up a wooden Thing in the bathroom , hang a toilet paper holder, and a towel rack...Darrel said he would put up the wooden thing for me today...It has to be in a stud...A problem for me... The towel rack and TP holder has not been bought yet...Darrel is home today and maybe for the next 3 days... This will give me lots of time to hold up in my room. I do not go inside and clean if anyone is at home. I figure they can do it if they are home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hump day rolls around again!

Missy this morning for  work...
So today. I got the kids all odd to school...The houses  need some work...Maybe I will get to it.
I am not sure what is for supper butt I may start that..
I have to pick up Amanda at school at 2:50, as I have all week. She is in a production...yes a production...not a play. It cost her daddy  50 bucks for her to do this...It lasts all week and she practices from 3:15 till 7:30...Guess who stays with her,,,,out of 40 kids guess who is the only one that stays there with their
But she is doing great. She is a mermaid...and a beautiful one...oh yes, Mermaid # 1...She has lines... Today I am staying till about 4 and then Kris is coming over and trading with me. I am going to try to secretly film Amanda's parts and song
 You know I am more of an , in your face, person than a sneak...But I imagine one way or another I get film...what are they going to do, throw me out...cause asking me to leave will not work...
Yesterday I worked in my room plus made the inside of Kris's house ready for Jake's B Day Party...and baked his cake.
It is raining today..
I am ready to leave WA...All of the kids have had their birthdays... And I got to be there...One last time!