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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Oh it is a beautiful morning...Gos has blessed me today. I have all ready been able to do several chores. Thank goodness. I have slept for the past 2 days way more than any normal person should!

JR moved my flower thought up here by my porch. What a joy it is to look at it.'

Pat sent some tomatoes down here with Fleta. She shared with me. Along with what I all ready had I was able to can 3 quarts. I wish I had 50. I love tomatoes and I put them in almost everything I cook.

I have finally figured out where to put some things in Clayton's kitchen. You see the problem is he built that kitchen just for him. I van barely reach the edge of the bottom shelf of the top cabinets.  He had a flat block on the kitchen and I covered it with a dish towells and now I can easily reach the bottom shelf. where I put my cups, glasses, plates and bowls. Then on the side by the stove he has a small cheap stool that I am going to reinforce and use it over there so I can reach canned goods and baking needs.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday again..

Seems it rolls around once a week.

Fleta picked up some metal mesh chairs for the front porch. I will take a picture of them later. They are wide and heavy. Seems to be the style I need.

Fleta went to Pat's yesterday and got a WalMart bag of tomatoes. She said she would give me some and started to take them out of her car. Then sat them back in her seat and said, "I will take them home and look through them first." She later brought some up to my house. I have not looked through the bag yet but I figure they will look Culley. Not sure why. LOL

The old kettle in the yard had been tipped about half way over. Some varmint dug a hole under it. It has had plants in it for years. Yesterday I sat on the ground and pushed my feet against it and threw a rock under it. this morning it seems to be leaning just a little. Guess I will do it again.

George came up yesterday. He was on the tractor. He pushed the cages Clayton had in the yard over in the pasture. They are just laying over in the pasture. Fleta came up and said she did not think it looked any better. She was wrong. Before they blocked the view down in the pasture. Now they do not.

Believe it or not, I am going back to bed this morning.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Need to Hang a Picture......

no problem at Daddy's house....Go through sheet rock....hit a board....ANYWHERE!

I had forgotten that. It was funny yesterday, I was hanging a clock and thought I was by a stud....Then I realized...It's all wood!

I moved all of my totes from JR's house, so his boy will have a room when he comes home for 10 days.

Today I am finnishing the apples!

I did not get started till noon yesterday but I did do quiet a bit....My bedroom is very liveable and the bathroom is clean....but I have not really put stuff away.

The windows have been all vaccummed out and wiped down ....But you can hardly see out of them. Clayton put storm windows on many of the windows...Which is great, but will take me awhile to clean...

Today it is just going to be ALL APPLES...I must get them done!

I took 2 pictures with my phone this morning but I am having trouble downloading...I guess I will save them till later...I wanted you all to know it pays to whine....I have Daddy's Rocker...well maybe it's Mama's.....well really it's Fleta's....but you all get the message...It's mine right now!

Plus Fleta brought up 2 of Grandma Powell's kitchen chairs ...and Fleta had a BIG tote of pictures that is now in my posession...Anyone want to buy any of them.

 Just FYI it was cool in the house last night. It is so nice on the front porch this morning. We have a really nice breeze. Boy, wouldn't it be nice if it rained!

Oh yes...and I moved my saddle yesterday... I love having the horse come right up to the yard here. There is still a gate in the fence by the well house. And a tall porch here to boost from to get on...

Up by the road, Clayton had 6 tubs of tomatoes that were dead. I pulled them out last night and threw them across the fence.  We have 3 hot pepper plants. Someone watered them.  There is a lot of junk in the yard me and  George want over the fence. He has made a burn pile down here.

You know Me and Brother could have lived here and been quiet happy.

The above was written this morning and then I cooked a pressure cooker of apples and made apple butter. I think it made 9 quarts. I have to go to Wally World now and get some more lids and sugar. cloves, and cinnamon. I need some other items but  I have been putting off going all week. I have at least 1 more cooker full of apples to fix.  I am doing that when I get home. Especially since it is so cool.

It cooled off here and sprinkled just a little here. I love it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

School Picture Day

for Benjamin today... Missy said he came down to breakfast this morning dressed for school. She reminded him today was school pictures and she asked him if he wanted to wear what he had on. She said he said no and hurried back up the stairs ...She said,' I fixed his breakfast and he was not back down yet.  I then made his lunch and waited. Then when he came down he had on this suit and was smiling from ear to ear. I would not tell him the kids may make fun of him since he is in 4th grade. He was so proud. The only thing that may save him would be we have such a large Mormon population at this school.'

As soon as Missy got to the part stating he was gone a long time...I already knew the outcome, because I know Benjamin. He is really a good boy and I am sure he thought all of us old people, like his Mam,a would love what he was wearing. God bless his little ole heart!
There is at least 100 things I need to be doing. And this computer surfing is not on the list! But here I sit anyway!
It was warmer in the house last night. I guess once the sun goes over today I will shut the front part of the house.
Betty, any couch will be fine!  Fleta, don't make fun of her till we get the couch! Then we can go back to normal!
Winnie Jo, we all hope you had a great birthday.
There are a lot of cracks in the old house. It has been 15 years since Clayton remodeled it. that is awhile. I was looking at the door stoop that goes from what used to be the 3rd bedroom to the kitchen. It is the original one. about 6 inches wide. It needs a good cleaning, and I thought, 'I'll bet that dirt has been there for 100 years. ' Then in my mind I corrected myself and thought, 'No, only 66.'
There are 2 trees at the edge of the yard that obstructs the view out the road. One is a ceder...The other is something else. I walked out there this morning to see if the ceder was actually in the fence row. It is. I am smart enough to know you never cut a ceder tree out of the fence row. Even tho I would be long gone before it rotted all of the way out if we whacked it off chest high and trimmed it up. I am sure I could get George to go with that but Fleta and Dan would have a come apart. So there is no hope of cutting them out of the fence row. Both trees are at least 12 inches across. So it would be a big loss on the ceder.
I moved one of my lawn chairs inside by the picture window, as we used to call it. It is right where Daddy always sat. As I remembered, he sat where he could see out the window to the little pond. He must of had to rock  forward to see out the window. As I sat there, I thought, with a TV in the corner, and Debby sitting right in front of it he would have almost been able to stretch and touch Debby on the top of the head. It just seemed to be a large space in my mind. Mark Twain said something like, I used to have a great memory. I could remember things that happened and things that never happened. Soon I will only remember the things that never happened.
I looked up the actual was 1924: When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not; but my faculties are decaying now, and soon I shall be so I cannot remember any but the things that never happened.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Winnie Jo....

I am so glad we got to know you these past years....Thank you Patsy, for starting the Blogs...You know Pat,  you are the reason we all have blogs.

I am moving up to Clayton's  house. I slept here last night. I came up here to can apples and just stayed. So Fleta has another non paying renter....She has a knack for finding those kinds of  renters.. But notice most of them are really great people. 2 out of 3, anyway!

There are a lot of wasps, Clayton's windows are so dirty you can not see out of them, and since the apples, his kitchen is a BIG mess....can we contact him from the grave to come clean up a little. Pat you know a lot of strange people from blogging...Know anyone that can contact dead people.

Betty is going to come up someday. She keeps putting it off...

BTW...all I have here is my bed.....does anyone have any furniture to get rid of...Have truck (George'...and probably George's gas) will haul..LOL

George goes back to a doctor today. Hopefully his chest is better.

Hannah, Robert, and Emmie are just fine...Anyone that goes to the Carroll County Fair look at the exhibits....Robert's last year's teacher, entered Robert's Sunflower in the fair! I guess it was pretty big!