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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Great Day!

Oh I just had the best ole day...

I went to Fleets early and stayed till about 8 or 9 I am not really sure. Then I went over to Jr's to snoop around but did manage to get most of his quilts and bedding washed in between the spying I was doing. Plus cleaned some things with bleach...good thing he did not come in tonight. Earlier it was a little strong.Plus got some more things put away  from the 2 totes I mailed from WA. I packed up winter clothes and stored them in Jr's extra bedroom corner.

Then after a shower I went to town to meet Betty and Fleta but we also got to chat with Frankie Powell. Hopefully Betty will elaborate on that story, It was funny. Betty's blanket for Grandma Powell's great Granddaughter was beautiful!  Do you like that, Grandma Powell....Is anyone confused. LOL

We also met a lady that used to board at our Grandma Powell's house. I learned some things I never knew.

We got home before the Grand kids got out of school and George and Brother Clayton unloaded a new bed, box springs and mattress for Jr.  Emmie picked it out on the net. Fleta went down , with JR's money, and paid for it. Then George hauled it home today. We are just like a little commune here. But we need some younger folks to move in here because Jr's furniture is in the house but the 2 ole men could not push it far enough inside to get the front door shut! So  if you need anything you should go to JR's and look, now.

Betty was worried about me being cold in this camper this winter and I told her I would be fine, I was fat! She said that is what Clayton said too. I say he knows that because he is fat too...LOL BTW Winnie it has electric heat.  Plus I know 3 people that have homes within a half mile if my electric goes out. They have generaters. So no need to worry. Betty is the only sister that is even thinking about it. But I thought you are also nice enough to worry. Fleta and Clayton may now be worring after they read this. But still not worried for me.

We sure had a nice visit at lunch  and the food was good. Fleta ordered a cucumber salad and a big hunk of some desert. Fleta said they used a lot of sugar in the salad so I guess Fleta just had 2 deserts.

Thank you Betty for all you do for everyone. Don't tell Fleta or Patsy but  you're my favorite...HAHA

Oh yes, and JR said now that I am here it is like having 2 X wives....Missy said to tell him the oldest one needs more spousal support...LOL Since he is my Landlord I might not want to demand that. You know in this case, Landlord, is kind of an irrelevant term. I'm not sure you could call me a renter. That does imply money is being exchanged, I think. Poor JR....LOL

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Sister--Three said...

It was a nice visit.