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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Walk on Uncle Floyd's Place...

Yesterday I went through the gate right here in my yard and took a walk on Floyd's old place. I never remember walking there. It was beautiful. It had been bush hoged in the past few years so it was easy walking. I want to go all the way to the creek next time. I am still trying to get well. I have shortness of breath after just a little exeration.

 I don't know if you can see or not but I walked to Comb's fence. Above Fleet's house it is almost at the top of the hill but I can almost throw a rock to it from my place. I was surprised itstrayed so far south so  quickly.
 There are a lot of blackberr bushes over there and easy to get to. Big blooms on them all. They were pretty. I do not care that much for blackberries but Clayton does.
 Fleta spent a lot of money on plants for her yard. I found several I could dig for free. Like these...
 Here was a nice green plant...about the size of Rubber plant leaves. I could plant this in a pot.
 and look at this one the leaves on this one was fuzzy...
 Here was one with a South West appeal...
 And black berry bushes everywhere.
I woke up this morning about to freeze. Now don't feel  bad Betty. I could shut the doors but I know it will be hot next week so I am going to enjoy this for now!

I decided this was a great day to cook beans. I have 2 peppers from Clayton to put in them. Beans are probably my favorite food.

I ordered cable TV for JR this week and the nice guy spliced into the line and ran me 120' line that will reach to my trailer.  You know you really can catch more flies with honey.

I went up and got Hannah up and dressed this morning but I did not stay. It is wet and George will have to be inside all day. He would probably rather clean up the house than have me under foot today I figured.

I hope everyone enjoyed the good rain and the cooler weather we will have all week. I love it!

1 comment:

Sister--Three said...

Oh, it is nice that you can have tv at your place also. Will you have to watch what they watch or will you have a control?

I saw poke weed and mullen in your pictures. The poke is good in greens and mullen tea will help with congestion.

You are right about the flowers underfoot that we don't appreciate.

Hope you will feel better soon. You need an electric blanket in the winter.

I am praying for you to have a little happiness and a little peace in your life...just a little!