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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Visitor came today...

I was sitting insie this morning and a little squirrel came looking for my walnuts. I took some shots for Betty.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. JR bought me flowers, all of the kids called, JR bought rib eyes for Fleta's house. Greg grilled them. Fleta made a chocolate cake. It was in an oblong pan. I looked at it...It rose really well in the middle...The sides, not so much, I made fun of her. They all thought is was good but it still deserve a little laugh!
I have cracked a few walnuts....I doubt if any get picked out to bake with but I have no doubt they will all be eaten. They are so good! You forget how good they taste.
I tried calling Clayton today. I imagine he is at work.
Jr is getting TV cable this AM so I am sitting over here waiting till the GUY gets it all in.
It's supposed to rain...JR said he will roof my porch next weekend. I am excited.

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Sister--Three said...

You could have titled this "life is good". If you make cornbread leave some fore the squirrel. Granny had a squirrel and would come and eat corn bread off her porch. Love the pictures. The porch will be good.