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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I got up this morning and Emmy cinnamon rolls.. They were good..

Last night Emmy, Benjamin, and I went to VVL to swim and look at lights. The water is heated and it was nice but the Jacuzzi was better. The lights are beautiful and I should have taken a camera but I did not.

This Morning everyone got up and now are back in bed. Well, not me and Benjamin..

We decided to go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow when everyone gets an earlier start.

Later today we are going to the mall...I say we....but I am not going...Benjamin says he is not going either..

JR got his flight changed to Sunday...for free...because of all the hassle.  And they each got 150.00 voucher so the can all fly again, almost round trip for free.

I got a piece of paper from the GF bank. It has a password on it for Internet banking.. So now I have a piece of paper which I have to sign and send back...LOL My money is still very safe. Lane was pestering his dad for  money yesterday. I handed him my piece of paper from the bank...He did not want it either..

OOPS  Lane is up....someone to talk to...Gotta go!

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Sister--Three said...

Glad you are having a blast. I know Jr's kids will always remember this...they had never flown so it is special. Daddy and his kids...we remember when Daddy was born.